Why You Should Travel Solo


Why you should travel solo


“Travelling alone? – That is the worst idea ever!” – These words usually reflect feelings of the majority when it comes to solo travel. What do people say to excuse their refusal? First of all, it’s boring. There is no one near you to share experiences with. It is inconvenient when it comes to taking photos. No one to discuss locals with. Secondly, it is not safe. Anything could happen on the road, (temperature rising, poisoning, heat stroke) but who will help?


In this article, I have put together tips to change your perception of traveling alone and give you an idea that solo traveling is not about the inconvenience but about a great opportunity to see more, travel cheaper and change your life drastically.




Choosing The Route

While traveling with friends, you have to compile a certain route to entertain everyone. In the end, it finishes with visiting top tourist places that are mentioned in your guidebook. It might not be interesting to every member of your group. Solo traveling gives you the opportunity to pick the route according to your preferences.


Create Your Own Time Management Schedule

A great advantage of solo travel is that you manage your own time, don’t have to wait for anybody else. You could wake up and fall asleep at a time of your choice. Visit the Eiffel Tower or stroll along the Charles Bridge for as long as you see it appropriate. Solo traveler manages his own time.


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Still Care the Way You Look?

Solo travel has another advantage – you don’t have to think about how you look. You can wear the same jeans for a week-long time or combine incongruous clothes while no one would judge you (or they just wouldn’t inform you). The only requirement for the way you look is neatness. Even if you’re a solo traveler, staying neat is very important.


Got Something Unusual in Mind?

Take a walk through the cemetery, take a dip in the fountain or just ride the subway all day long. Someone may consider it as something strange, but it might be someone’s ultimate dream as well. Solo travel gives you this freedom to do whatever you want (while keeping within reasonable limits).


Put Yourself On A Priority List

There are three types of people: Extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts. The first one’s primary need is communication, the second ones prefer staying alone with themselves, the third ones are something in between. However, all these psychological types require some time for themselves. The best way to plan your future (or analyze the past) and figure out all these pros and cons is to go solo traveling.

It should be noted that extroverts might be a bit confused. But there is a life hack: visit your friends or relatives before departure. Communicate as much as you can not to feel social hunger until you return.


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Thrilling Moments

It is much easier to enjoy thrilling moments when you are alone. For example, you are admiring Grand Canyon at the transparent Skywalk with friends. You are inspired by the awesome views and would like to capture this moment forever. Your friends are inspired as well. So they start shouting and taking photos… That’s it! Your memories won’t be as much colorful as if you were alone! While solo traveling, try to catch that very moment and enjoy it.


Create Memories You Never Forget

When visiting new places prefer buying clothes or shoes rather than tourist trinkets. These clothes would keep memories much longer than any souvenir. “Oh, it’s a jacket I bought in Germany!” and “This is my favorite sneakers from Thailand.”


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Airline Alliances

There are three major airline alliances in the world today – Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld. About two-thirds of all airplanes in the world belong to the companies that are members of these partnerships. Thus, their regular customers can get some special offers if signed up for their newsletter. For example, when you sign up for a bonus program you get extra miles for every purchase made with your card. Within loyalty program, passengers could be offered branded lounges while waiting for departure.



Is luggage that important for a solo traveler? Usually, it is not. Some clothes, passport, smartphone, and charger. This simple set could fit almost any backpack and be considered as hand Luggage. Avoid using large suitcases, it would save your time at the airport and reduce luggage weight.


Hotel vs Hostel

Hostels are incredibly popular today. They are cheap and convenient. In addition, hostels offer great opportunities for communicating and meeting new people from all over the world. But that is true for male traveler generally.

But if you are a female traveler you need to think about your safety first. It is better to think everything through in advance to avoid travel scam. For solo female travel, it is better to stay in a hotel. Even if it’s a cheap hotel, you would feel much more secure than in a hostel. That also means calm sleep and well rest. In addition, you stay unworried about missing your wake-up call. And there is always room service to clean up your room.


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Local SIM card

The first thing to do after arriving is to buy a local SIM card. Many still believe that by doing that you waste your money, but that is a mistake. By getting rid of roaming charges, you can feel much confident while using online services. By having your smartphone connected to the Internet, you can find anything, starting from a hotel to a hot dog trolley. Affordable cell phone plans would help you feel more secure, you can always inform your friends about your location.


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City Sightseeing

Turn on your favorite music, locate the sights you would like to see and start exploring the city. Walk along main tourist routes and less known places. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than just wandering around an unfamiliar city, breathing fresh air and exploring the sights. Yep – rewarding! Walking is a great workout for your body.



Surely there are things you prefer doing alone. Reading? Shopping? Or maybe visiting movie theater? When you travel alone, you have a great opportunity to organize leisure time as you like. No one would disturb you or complain about being bored. While you travel solo you have that opportunity to set your recreation the way you like. Just use it.


Add some Experimentation

Tired of being alone? Would like to find a partner for the evening party? That is not a problem for extrovert people. But what about introverts? Well… There is just one answer – go out to the movie, restaurant or park. Locate the person you found attractive and start an ordinary conversation. Choose any topic you like to discuss. After some time you would catch yourself thinking you have a new friend.

With all that above, solo traveling can be risky and dangerous in unfamiliar places. However, you can minimize this risk by using a smartphone and the Internet. When you handle these challenges you get the opportunity to find new friends all around the world and visit places some may never even heard of. This risk is truly worth taking.


Do you think solo travel worth starting?

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