Why Do We Travel

Why Do We Travel

A long time ago, when I was a kid, I had a large wall map in my room. My parents pinned it on the wall, hoping to instill the love of geography in me. I have to admit, they have succeeded in their attempts, the love has visited me, but it was of another nature. It was a passion for traveling. Every time I looked at this map I imagined myself traveling across distant countries and continents. Once appeared, this passion hid for a while in order to arise a bit later when I’m grown enough to travel on my own.

By traveling around the world, people are fulfilling their dreams. Especially when they are young. Traveling and adventures are the two sides of the same coin. So if you are young take this chance to create memories you will remember for a lifetime.

How To Travel Around The World

There are a lot of ways to travel. Before you pick the one that suits you most, determine your destination and things you are going to do there.

Manage your money. Choose the right time to go. If you afraid of staying alone on the road, invite your friends or somebody else to travel with you. Get vaccinated if you go to tropical countries.

Travel is something everyone can afford in fact. Among numerous misconceptions and myths about travel, the one is prevailing, saying that you have to spend tons of money to get any further than your own region. Well, that is not true. You can get cheap flight overseas by combining reasonable price with appropriate comfort.

What steps should I take to get the cheapest deals?

Plan everything. A clear travel budget is the first step, obtaining a cheap ticket in advance is a second step, finding a convenient budget accommodation is a third step. After these steps are done, determine the sights you would like to visit, meanwhile looking for available free options that would allow you to reduce the final cost.

Reasons Why We Should Travel

There is always something we can learn from the world. By traveling its distant places we gain a chance to get acquainted with different cultures and appreciate the diversity that surrounds us. Traveling stimulate us becoming better persons than we are, makes us more sensitive to everything around, broadens our perspective. Any trip brings something new to us, something we will surely remember. Not to mention the chance of meeting new friends or getting bright prospects outside the home country.

Travel can reveal our best qualities, even those we never knew existed. No matter what kind of activities we fond of, whether it is hiking, diving or strolling, any of these will help reveal the true nature of a person.

Meanwhile, family vacations will bring a family closer together as well as provide an opportunity for every member to learn geography in a practical way.

When we travel, we get a unique chance to learn foreign languages. There is no better environment for improving language skills than everyday life abroad. Isn’t it wonderful saying “thank you” and “hello” in the Thai language or learn several phrases in Greek for the next trip?

Travel gives a wide variety of everything. Thanks to globalization, it seems that we know a lot about the world but still there are plenty of places and things that are unknown out there.

Get a map and plan your route through the Peruvian jungle or roam the streets of Marrakech. Keep in mind that not all those who wander are lost. Any trip is a venture. Thus, traveling is a great way to quench the thirst for adventures.

How Will Travel Change Life For The Better?

When we travel, we are not just covering the distance, we get saturated with knowledge and experience, develop ourselves to be all that we can be. Sooner or later we might notice that the only things we need are appropriate clothing, food, and gadgets.

Being on the constant move makes us communicative, helps to overcome shyness. Traveling to foreign countries teaches us to adapt to new environment and circumstances. Depending on how much we travel, we can succeed greatly with making ourselves at home wherever we are. Frequent moves from place to place and changing circumstances develop flexibility and originality of thinking.


Time Is Our Most Valuable Asset

The greatest opportunity of being on the road is to gain as much experience as you can. So the more we travel, the more we realize the importance of meeting new people and learning something new about ourselves. Thus, travel teaches us that money is not the only measure of success in life, the experience is far more important.

According to recent research, new experiences will most likely bring you the feeling of long-term happiness rather than buying new things. To succeed in this we have to spend less money on something that is not likely to be useful and to spend more time learning new skills, meet new people, spending time with friends and family. This all, eventually, will allow experiencing the fullness of life.

Appreciate Every Little Thing

Appreciate Every Little Thing

You were able to save 8 EUR by traveling from airport to the center of Vienna for 4.40 EUR? Or maybe you got a window seat, although you didn’t book it in advance? There is nothing better than these little things that make up every trip. The more of them will happen, the more likely you will say: “Wow, that was a cool trip!”, when all pieces will come together in the end.

When we travel, we experience the joy of knowing where we are and what is happening around us. Travel teaches us to enjoy the best moments of our life. So it might be useful when you are at home as well. It’s worth learning how to renounce from fear and anxiety and enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

Slow Down

One of the advantages of long term travel (unlike short vacation) is a chance not to hurry and get acquainted with local life. Feel yourself free from tour packages, visit any place you like, meet new people that can be easily missed when you only pursue must-see attractions. It is too often we rush through life and there is nothing else but a constant hurry. We rush to work, eat junk food in order to be quicker, do everything at the same time, even while being with family. To a certain extent, it gives a feeling of greater intensity, but it doesn’t make us any happier. It is essential to enjoy the minutiae and live life at your own pace.

Don’t Complicate Things

When we travel, we create a natural lifestyle and it forces us to use things that only fit in a backpack. In addition, we accumulate new experiences and build meaningful relationships. So it significantly changes our lives. Afterward, we can use this principle to make our lives easier and more comfortable at home. So what actions actually improve the quality of life?

I truly believe that new experience gives us much more than obtaining new things. It often happens that we become happier if we invite a friend for a lunch rather than spend money on a new trinket. So in order to succeed, invest money into new beginnings, not things and it will make your life happier. Less materialistic state of mind can help you save money on your next trip.

Don't limit yourself

Don’t limit yourself

Travel encourages us to view things differently. Once you hit the road you would probably notice that most of the information about foreign countries is not reliable. When we return to everyday life, travel helps us not to limit ourselves. Being on the road encourages us to manage our schedule more efficiently. There is no better chance to abandon old habits, meet our hidden fears and reveal repressed aspects of personality.

Having decided to go on independent travel, we get the opportunity to gain experience that helps us change our life back at home. The same reasons that don’t allow us to travel, prevent us from trying new things and meeting new people where we live. If you overcome these problems you will be able to escape boring daily life at home.

Openness and confidence are essential things for the trip, but they would also come in handy for work-related purposes and while establishing good relations with friends or family. These qualities would help anyone invite a girl for a cup of coffee (or maybe a shot of tea). If we abandon the limits that determine what is possible and what is not, a whole new world of possibilities will open up to us.