Best time to visit Vienna With Kids

Things to and to see in Vienna

When you try to figure out the best time to visit Vienna and Austria, start with the determining the sights and places you would like to see and things to do during the trip. For example, having decided to go skiing usually means that there are no alternatives to winter time as this period is a high season in Austria. Austrian ski resorts are popular due to a magnificent natural environment, excellent service, and much lower prices rather than in neighboring Switzerland.

However, if you are not a big fan of skiing and would like just stroll around Vienna, explore the history of this city, admire gorgeous monuments then you have more opportunities to choose the season of visiting depending on your needs and interests. Just remember that every of the four seasons in Vienna has its own undeniable advantages.

Spring In Vienna

Spring is a pleasant time to spend in Vienna. A walking along the streets luminous with sunlight would make you feel unforgettable. An amazing feeling that helps raise the vitality level of any skeptic. Shop windows beautifully decorated for Easter (Ostersonntag), lovely bunnies and chickens would present your child a holiday mood. Spring holidays in Austria are:

  1. The first Monday after Easter, the date should be specified for a certain year, usually in March or April;
  2.  May 1 – Labour Day (Tag der Arbeit), the legacy of socialist influence. Since Austria was not a socialist republic, a decade after the Second World War, Vienna was under control of the Allied occupation;
  3.  Ascension Day celebrates in May (Christihimmeltag, always happens on Thursday), as well as the Day of the Holy Trinity (Pfingstmontag), and the following non-working Monday (Pfingstmontag).
    The major part of entertainment establishments and shops are closed during the holidays. But that is truly compensated with the celebrations that are worth seeing.

Summer In Vienna

Summertime is always a pleasant season for a family traveling. Summer temperature in Vienna around 25°C. Starting from May and throughout the summertime a lot of festivals are held – music, theater, including open air, that could be visited for free. Park festivities where you can ride a cab, walk a day-long in a wonderful zoo of Schönbrunn – summertime in Vienna is the most convenient time for a family trip.

Don’t forget about the Alps, however. Be sure it is worth visiting. Show your kid these lovely cows grazing on hillsides, enjoy fresh air saturated with herbs aromas. I do believe that the Alps during summertime are more attractive to travel with children rather than during the winter.

Autumn In Vienna

Autumn comes to Vienna in October. However, in recent years, a lot of trees in the city stand bare during summer and the first one to lose its leaves is chestnut. Autumn is traditionally considered to be the perfect time for urban trips due to weather conditions and rich cultural program. Meanwhile, the Alps is the best place for artists during autumn thanks to bright colors and picturesque views of snow-white peaks.

Winter In Vienna

Winter is an unpredictable season in Vienna. The temperature fluctuates around zero. While the likelihood of sunny weather is the same as heavy snow-fell. Mind the unpleasant stormy wind. In general, Vienna weather during winter is dank, wet and windy. But the Austrians managed to adapt themselves to a climate and stay hospitable at any weather. Winter Vienna trip is attractive due to low prices (except Christmas and New Year’s days) in hotels and museums and few tourists around. The main holiday is Christmas (Weihnachten), 25-26 December.

While winter isn’t quite pleasant time in Vienna I would recommend visiting the Christmas fairs. This is one of the best places for children. I really doubt that there is a better way to tune into the upcoming New Year celebrations that always have been considered to be the main family holiday. Gifts and toys are everywhere. By the way, non-alcohol hot wine punch is available at the Christmas Fair not only for adults but also for children. And don’t forget to visit the Schonbrunn Zoo. A few people would be there so you may spend the whole unforgettable day there.

Holidays during autumn in Austria

October 26 is a National Day of the Republic of Austria (Nationalfeiertag). The day when was the neutrality of Austria proclaimed;

November 1 – All Saints Day (Allerheiligen);

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