Best Time to Travel to Russia

best time to visit Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. While choosing the region to visit (besides Moscow) mind that there are several unique climate zones affecting weather conditions.

Western Part of Russia

Late spring or early summer is the best period for visiting Moscow, the region around it and the entire Western part of Russia. At this time you can expect warm weather conditions and you most certainly won’t face stuffy Moscow heat. I love visiting Russia during the period from mid-September to early October because it provides splendid colors of nature. I bet you will long remember this time if you’re lucky enough. This time is characterized by lovely sunny days with low chance of rain. But if you are snow-lover and strive to get a few photos of snow-covered scenery your choice should fall on January and February. In Moscow region temperature may drop to as low as 20-25°C below zero at this time, but average figures are much warmer – around 5-15°C below zero.

Best Time To Visit Saint-Petersburg

The best time for visiting Saint-Petersburg is early July. However, if you are planning a prolonged trip to this city than consider the period from mid-May to mid-July. It will allow you to enjoy the natural phenomenon of “White Nights” that can be compared with Norwegian Midnight sun. The only difference is that in Saint-Petersburg sun stays below the horizon for a couple of hours. Surely prices for accommodation and activities a bit higher due to the tourists wandering around the city. On the contrary, during wintertime prices usually drop. But weather conditions are quite poor due to cold winds blowing from the Gulf of Finland.

Visiting Black Sea Resorts

Usually, peak season near Black and Azov sea region does not last long. Water temperature is only getting heated by mid-June and stays warm till the end of September. Locals call the first autumn month “the velvet season” and it is the best time to visit this part of Russia. You can expect less crowded beaches, absence of annoying kids that left for school and, what is even more important, warm sea and low prices. Sochi resorts are good from late April untill the end of October.

Northern Part of Russia

Northern regions are your best bet if you fond of winter fun. With temperature dropping to as low as 35°C below zero, it becomes crucial to act quickly while outdoor. If you are not a big fan of extreme cold then period from July is the best time for you to visit. The White Sea, Solovki, Karelia or Arkhangelsk region, whatever your choice is, these all will provide you with picturesque views and let you feel the original spirit of Russian culture. If you prefer summertime as the most appropriate for you, beware of mosquitoes and be ready to use repellents as soon as you leave your room. The only way to enjoy short Northern summer as well as avoid mosquitoes is to set August as your departure month.

Urals and Siberia

The Urals and Siberia regions are characterized by a continental climate that provides up to 30°C during summertime and as low as 35°C below zero in winter. If you are planning to go skiing as well as enjoy all the features of the Russian winter, January and February are the best months for doing that. On the contrary, if you prefer mild weather conditions in order to see unique Siberian nature, period from mid-July to the end of August would be a right choice. But you should keep in mind that summertime temperature in the Northern part of Ural and Siberia won’t rise much above 10°C.

The Pacific Coast

The most distant part of Russia called “Primorsky Kray” (The region next to the ocean) is best to be visited during late August or early September. Since summer  is usually accompanied by rains there, autumn improves the situation with pleasant sunny days when the temperature fluctuates around 22°C. For visiting the Kamchatka peninsula, August is the best time when temperature reaches 20-25°C.

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