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I still well remember my first solo trip abroad. I was wondering where to book the cheapest flight, how to pack a backpack the right way and which travel gadgets would, in fact, make my next trip better. With all these questions I was mapping out my adventures and eventually made up a list of travel resources for planning and booking.

Getting the right equipment for your travels is essential. That is why the items and services below were handpicked by me to ensure you get the best deals. All products I recommend on this page were tested by me and not paid placements.

Planning Your Trip


When it comes to planning a trip, Wikitravel is one of the first travel resources I check. They list everything from visa requirements to aspects of local culture. I can’t recommend Wikitravel enough when I search information on a particular destination. The thing I love the most – they are completely free!

Lonely Planet

lonely planet

They have two great tools for every traveler. Make sure to visit the forum for fascinating tips and tricks. Got any visa questions? The forum will have your back. The travel guides, uh? Well, who doesn’t know Lonely Planet guides anyway? These are available in PDF and paperback. When I think I might need a travel guide to my next destination I usually wait for sales to get my copy on the cheap.

XE Currency

xe currency

Thanks to XE I can keep tack of the exchange rate when I’m on the road. You can access XE Currency while offline using the app. Having this accurate currency converter comes in handy when doing those calculations multiple times a day.

Project Visa

Any my trip outside the EU starts with a research on Project Visa. When you plan a trip you definitely should know in advance whether you need to have a visa or whether you can get one on arrival. This travel resource makes my planning convenient as it clearly indicates countries whose government require a visa in advance. What is even more important Project Visa reveals the embassies for that particular country.

Google Translate

It is hard to overestimate the importance of effective communication. With Google Translate you can type your words out so the others can understand you. When you need to read a menu, picture reading ability is just here to help.


In general, FlyerTalk is the travel resource where you can find information about airports, mileage programs, earning points and airline alliances.

Airfare Deals



I used Kayak several times and it seems like a decent option when you can be flexible with your dates. This search engine allows finding some hacker fares when your round-trip is made up of one-way flights from two different airlines. However, despite setting up the price alerts it seems that Kayak doesn’t show all budget airline options. Keep this in mind if you’re chasing some particular airline.





The thing I love the most about Skyscanner is that there is no middle man between you and the airline. You compare prices, choose the flight you need and get the job done. Set your destination as “anywhere” to see the cheapest destinations to fly to. Their iPhone app is quite easy to navigate too.





I use Momondo as an additional tool to Skyscanner. This search engine shows budget airlines while their calendar view is something I check in the first place when I’m free with choosing my next destination. I had some issues with Momondo when it showed me deals that don’t exist. However, that happened just once.

Google Flights

This flight search engine provides you with information on all cheap flights available in the near future from your departure airport. Just be sure to play around with the dates to get the best deal.


When you need to know which low-cost carrier fly between destinations, this website is just here to help.

Booking Accommodation



This booking site is definitely the first I check when I go to Southeast Asia. Heading to Thailand or Vietnam? Don’t skip Agoda because chances are that you will get some extremely cheap rates (like 5* hotels for 75 USD!).

Trusted HouseSitters



Save enormous sums of money by looking after homes around the world. If you’re planning on a big adventure but short of money, this resource allows travelers to find decent accommodation for a few weeks or a few months.




Finding homeowners who rent out their apartments or homes on the cheap has never been this easy. In more than 190 countries across the world, you can rent spare room or apartments to get a glimpse of local life. Get a $35 USD off your first stay through THIS link.


When it comes to comparing prices I always use With a wide array of hotels to choose from, they reward you by offering a free stay for every 10 nights you book through their site. The downside is that free stays are only awarded for certain stays.

I usually use this search engine when heading to countries where budget accommodation is sparse. When using you can sort hotels by location, ratings, and price, while their user-friendly interface makes the entire process very convenient. With a lot of properties that offer free cancellation, this travel resource has become one of my favorite tools!


One of the biggest search engines out there to find a hostel. When I’m looking for hostels they usually have a good selection of cheap accommodation. HostelWorld is user-friendly and will credit your account with an additional $50 towards your next booking if something goes wrong.


This travel resource isn’t just about saving money. This is a community of travelers dedicated to helping each other. I have used Couchsurfing a number of times and every time staying with locals was like immersing myself into a foreign culture. Check their website for events in your city.

Need A Ride?


This travel resource gives you access to more than 50 train companies that operate in Europe. If you travel to the EU, RailEurope makes the process of reservation, obtaining of rail passes and tickets simple and allows to avoid the lines.

Man in Seat 61

This is, probably, the most comprehensive resource on train systems around the world. Bookmark this website if you’re looking for train itineraries (especially in Asia!), schedules, want to know how to get around by land or simply not into flying.


Predominantly in Europe, BlaBlaCar carsharing app allows you to travel on a budget paying for a seat in someone’s car. Choose your route, get the reviews and verification to safely get to your destination. If you’re into exploring local cultures BlaBlaCar can be your best bet!

One of the essential apps I have on my phone. Like Google Maps this travel resource doesn’t require WiFi or mobile data. Just download the map of the city before setting off, mark the attractions, restaurants, and museums, and, VOILA, you save tons of money and get a reliable travel assistant.

Rome 2 Rio

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you’re not entirely sure what mode of transport would be the cheapest? Rome 2 Rio allows you to compare different ways of getting there as well as the prices. Type in your departure and arrival destinations and let this travel resource do the job.


This long-distance bus company runs almost everywhere in Europe. With free WiFi on nearly all coaches, comfortable seats and chance of getting great deals, Flixbus is one of my favorite bus companies. Plan your trip in advance to purchase the tickets at reduced rates.

travel resources2

WiFi and Internet

Tep Wireless

Tep Wireless provides you with Internet access in more than 100 countries across the world. With Tep Wireless pocked-sized personal WiFi hotspot you can easily avoid paying those massive mobile data roaming charges and to get your spending under control. Use THIS link to rent your Teppy.


If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly hosting provider, BlueHost is something you should consider. They have a helpful support service and quite affordable rates. Get your own domain to design a brand new blog for as low as $3.95 per month.


I couldn’t have mentioned Pinterest here. Thanks to this “catalog of ideas” and its mind-blowing images I was inspired to visit at least three countries! Pinterest is where you can find tons of great travel ideas and DIY things!

Travel Insurance

World Nomads

You have probably heard of travel insurance from World Nomads. Big guys like National Geographic and Lonely Planet recommend them so you can be sure this is a reputable company. The bone-chilling stories from travelers who had to pay thousand dollar bills just because they got sick abroad are the reason to get good travel insurance. World Nomads offer a decent coverage, which can be extended an unlimited number of times.

Work Abroad


If you’re serious about moving abroad and working there, Workaway is a must-visit travel resource. Basically, it has the same concept as HelpX, so it is pretty hard to figure out which is better. Spend some time exploring both of them to determine the one that suits your needs.


I believe this is one of the most inspiring and romantic ways to see the world. Not only you get your food and accommodation without spending a dime, you create memories that stay forever. Land clearing, housekeeping, and gardening are the typical examples of work you should do in exchange for room and food. I can’t imagine a better way to learn how people live on the other side of the globe (and learn their culture too)!


Looking for a job in the Netherlands or Belgium? Take a closer look at Jobat. I used it several times for finding part-time jobs.

NOTE: Some of the links above are affiliate links. All these travel resources come from past research and I can recommend them from personal experience. If you buy anything through these links, I make a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra, but it will reduce the costs of running this site. If you have any questions about these resources, please let me know!