Top Beaches in Barcelona To Visit This Summer

top 10 beaches in Barcelona

There is nothing better than a sea-bathing after a long day of sightseeing in Barcelona. Since 1992 Olympic games, Barcelona has invested significantly in cleaning up the sand and water so you can enjoy the results right away. The beaches in Barcelona are popular throughout the entire year, but the bathing season lasts from mid-April to mid-October. Covering the coastline of over 2.5 miles (4.5 km) beaches are a top Barcelona attraction in the summer.


Generally clean and nice all beaches in Barcelona have the EU blue flag award for water quality and services. Most of them can easily be reached by public transport such as tram or underground. The best sandy beaches in Barcelona are in close proximity to the city center so you can reach them even on a bicycle. Local beaches are open to the public and, aside from beach equipment rental, are free. Sunbed and umbrella rental will set you back 5-7 EUR per day.


It should also be noted that some beaches in Barcelona may not provide changing room service (only for people with reduced mobility). Travelers usually pick the beach they need depending on the location of their hotel or hostel. It’s no exaggeration to say that almost all beaches in Barcelona have an ideal sand, outstanding facilities and a wide variety of water and sports entertainment.


Peak and Mid-Season In Barcelona

Mid-season in Barcelona starts in early April and repeats in mid-September. Peak season runs from June until early September. The rest of the year is low season. Barceloneta, Bogatell, and la Nova Mar Bella facilities are open to the public from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm during peak season. The period from 15 to 30th of November is the time when all public equipment is being removed. The period from October to April the beaches are out of service.


Sant Sebastia beach

The beach is located in the Ciutat Vella district. Along with Barceloneta beach, it can be called the most popular urban beach. It considered that the residents prefer this beach for sunbathing and swimming, as they made up around 70% of all visitors here. It is easily accessible by public transport (Barceloneta Metro Station, line 4). One of the most important features of the beach is that it possesses an area for disabled people with a bathing assistance service. The amphibian bathing chairs can be found here as well.


How to reach the Sant Sebastia beach

Barceloneta that is located on the L4 line is the nearest metro station you can use to reach Sant Sebastia beach. However, you can use bus 17, 39 or 64 to get even closer to the beach (Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar is the stop you need).


Sant Miquel beach

If you move to the north, then Sant Sebastia beach will smoothly transform into Sant Miquel beach. The name of the beach refers to the Church of San Miguel del Puerto, which was built here in 1753. This tiny beach of just 1300 feet (400 m) is one of the oldest in the city. It stretched from the Del Mar area to the street l’Almirall Aixada. Tiny-sized Sant Miquel always attracts a large number of tourists that just like take a dip in the sea after a long walk through the city. Like any other beach, it has excellent recreation equipment for beach entertainment.

How to reach the Sant Miquel beach

One possible way is to ride the metro to Barceloneta station. Then you can choose either use bus 17, 39 or 64 to reach the Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar or use bus 45, 59 to reach Almirall Cervera.


Barceloneta Beach

In addition to Sant Sebastia beach, Barceloneta is the most popular beach in Barcelona. Yet, it is a bit overcrowded during peak season. Despite this, the beach is really clean and nice, it has an EU Blue Flag award for high environmental standards and water quality.


A vintage beach with a gradual entry into the sea and a gorgeous sandy bottom is attractive for both travelers and residents. Barceloneta is very popular among young people as it equipped with playgrounds for soccer, volleyball, tennis, as well as for roller skating and skateboarding.


How to reach Barceloneta Beach


How to reach Barceloneta Beach

You can use underground L4 to reach Barceloneta station, then it will take 5-7 minutes to get to the seashore. Or you can use 45 or 59 buses to get as close as possible to the beach by reaching Platja de la Barceloneta bus stop. A leisurely stroll from La Rambla to Barceloneta takes about 20 minutes.


Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro is the most recognizable beach in the city thanks to the Golden Fish figure. A symbol of the Olympic Games in 1992 by Frank Gehry can be seen from the beach and enjoyed as one of the city’s best-loved iconic sights. Somorrostro was once the part of Barceloneta beach, but in 2010 it was decided to separate it and named it after a poor Barcelona district, which existed here until the mid 20th century. The beach is popular among young people as it offers hot nightlife, has trendy clubs and restaurants.


How to reach Somorrostro Beach


somorrostro beach


If you prefer underground then your station is Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica on L4. Or you can use bus 36, 45, 59 or 71 to reach Pg. Marítim – Trelawny, bus 71 to reach Pg. Marítim-Hospital del Mar. Or just ride the tram to Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica.


Nova Icaria Beach

Not far from the city center, just outside the Olympic Port of Barcelona, you can find a wonderful beach with soft golden sand called Nova Icaria. It attracts both families fond of relaxing holiday, and the noisy groups of young people looking for entertainment. The tiny area of just 400 meters contains a children’s playground, volleyball fields, ping-pong tables and a variety of equipment for water sports like kayaking, diving, and surfing. As well as other beaches in Barcelona, it has numerous bars and restaurants which are popular among local gourmets. You can find assistance for people with reduced mobility here.


How to reach Nova Icaria Beach

The nearest underground station is Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, L4 line. The bus stop you need is Icària-Àlaba for bus 36, 41, 92 or Àlaba-Bogatell for bus 71.


Bogatell Beach

Bogatell beach is a beloved quiet place for families and their kids. A range of services provided here is diverse. This is one of the best beaches in the city as there you can find lockers for valuables, information display showing time, air and water temperature. A unique feature of Bogatell beach is that during summertime there is a beach library where everyone may rent a book and enjoy reading by the water. Except for classical literature, the library provides modern prose, newspapers, and magazines. Supporters of active recreation will find basketball and volleyball courts, ping-pong tables and other sports equipment. For supporters of active recreation are provided on the beach basketball courts, volleyball nets, table tennis and other sports equipment. The neighboring Nova Icaria and Mar Bella beaches are separated from Bogatell with two stone breakwaters.


How to reach Bogatell Beach

The nearest underground stations are Llacuna and Poble Nou, L4. Or use bus 26 or 36 to reach Taulat-Ciutat de Granada, or bus 6 to get to Roc Boronat – Doctor Trueta.


Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella is another beach that was created after the massive redevelopment of the coastline carried out in 1992 for the Olympic Games. Located in the eastern part of the coast, it stretches about 1600 feet (500 m). Mar Bella beach is an essential part of the Sant Martí district and it is quite popular with residents who use it regularly. You will not find a lot of bars and restaurants here, but since Mar Bella has a designated nudist area, it has become a welcoming place for everyone willing to attend a nudist party. Mar Bella beach facilities also include a broad range of sports equipment, which can be found near Passeig Marítim. If you visit the western end of the beach you will discover a nautical and yacht center. This beach has everything for those with limited mobility.


How to reach Mar Bella

You can easily do it by using public transport. Either by underground (line L4, Selva de Mar) or by bus 36, 71, 141, your stop is Taulat-Bac de Roda. Another great way to get there is to use the cycle lane on the seashore promenade or the two Bicing stations located near the beach (one at Passeig de Garcia Fària, 21 / Espronceda and the other in Passeig Marítim de la Mar Bella).


Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella is another nice quiet beach with golden sand, where you can relax and soak up the sun. It is considered one of the popular with the youth of Sant Marti and the surrounding suburbs. Even though it provides a bit fewer recreation options, it is still a good choice if your aim is a calm beach holiday.


How to reach Nova Mar Bella

Selva de Mar, L4 is the station you need if you go there by using the metro. Another option is to ride on bus 26 to reach Pg. Taulat-Provençals or bus 36, 141 to reach Llull-Selva de Mar.


Llevant Beach

Llevant beach is the most remote beach in Barcelona. Having a total length of about 1200 feet (380 m) it was created in that very place where the platform that was intended to host the marine zoo was dismantled. Despite the distance from the city center, Llevant offers a standard array of services, so there is nothing to worry about. This is less crowded beach than any mentioned above, meanwhile having the same environment quality. Lovers of active sports will appreciate the beach volleyball court, ping-pong tables and various options for water sports.


How to reach Llevant Beach

If you travel by T4 tram the stop you need is El Maresme. If you travel by metro L4 the station you need is Selva de Mar. Or you can ride bus 26 to reach Pg. Taulat-Provençals. Bus 36 or 141 to reach Llull – Diagonal Mar.


Aquatic Centre Zona de banys Forum

In Barcelona, you can find another great place to enjoy sunbathing apart from the common beaches. Zona de banys Fòrum is a beach for those who just hate sand, as you won’t find it there. The Forum deck allows you to take a dip in the sea and keep your feet clean from it. The Forum’s bathing area was transformed into a large, shallow, saltwater swimming pool, ideal for splashing about. The entire place was built on top of the Camp de la Bota mainly know as the place of bloody Franco’s reprisals, so if you want to learn more just visit the esplanade that leads to the bathing area. The memorial commemorates more than 1,700 victims of the regime.


How to reach Zona de banys Fòrum

T4 tram will take you to Fòrum stop, the underground L4 line will deliver you to El Maresme | Fòrum, while bus 36 or 141 will get you to Metro Maresme / Fòrum.


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