How To Plan A Family Trip to Greece

Planning a Family Trip to Greece

Greece can be attributed as one of the most popular European destinations. No coincidence that there are so many summer camps for children.

Why Take a Family Trip to Greece

Greek holidays may provide not only entertainment, but also trigger the learning process. After all, a lot of children enthusiastically read ancient Greek myths, imagining Olympus mount where the ancient gods lived or the labyrinth where Theseus defeated Minotaur. It would be a great joy to see it all personally. For those children who did not show interest in reading, visiting these ancient sites may encourage to improve their knowledge.

People in Greece are very friendly and love interacting with travelers, always ready to help. You may not be afraid of getting lost, ask anyone you meet, they will surely show the way and explain the right direction. Try asking them about where to eat and you will get the full list of cafes and taverns nearby. Since we’re talking about food, it is necessary to note that kids would be pleased with Greek cuisine. Greek salad, souvlaki and pita gyro are great for little nibblers. Greeks love enjoying delicious food and their food is remarkable because of its healthy qualities. Seafood, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, a huge variety of cheeses, Greek honey. Greek honey is produced mainly from fruit nectar and citrus trees and has a mild and pleasant flavour.

Along with the advantages of visiting Greece there were some troubles within the country. Strikes took place in Greece several times and the country is associated with financial crisis nowadays. But the crisis didn’t affect travel industry, on the contrary, in order to attract more tourists, Greek hotels strongly improved quality of servicing and provided a variety of discounts.

If you are planning a trip to Greek islands or Athens during summertime, it is wise to get hotel deals in advance, as at this time hotels show “no vacancies” signs due to the large number of travelers. Greek islands are a popular travel destination so the prices the prices might be higher. If your budget is limited, it may be advisable to choose less known destinations for greek holidays like Mystras or Gytheon.

Getting To Greece

Surely, the most convenient way to reach Greece is by plane. The same means of transport are nice when you want to save time and avoid possible cancellations and delays when traveling on the ferry. There are several major Greek carriers offering daily flights from Athens to many Greek islands: Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines. All large Greek islands have airports and usually flying there can be quite more affordable compared to ferry ride. It is great to have at least a few weeks when booking online, so you can get a nice deal this way.

Passenger boats can be an inexpensive way to get around the Greek islands that also gives the sense of a short cruise. Riding a ferry might be a good approach in case you want to visit several islands. However, the details of any boat connection can change from day to day and timetables usually change often. The best thing you can do about it is to get information about several companies that cover the route you need and draw up a list to ensure your ride.

Best Places To Visit in Greece with Family

In order to choose a destination for family holidays in Greece, consider the following options: weather conditions, beach quality, water, food, hotels. I recommend sticking to the most suitable places, taking into account prices and historical sights. While considering the Greek mainland, pay attention to Halkidiki. Halkidiki Peninsula is located in Northern Greece to the South of Thessaloniki, so the climate is milder here. No intense heat even in July and August. Halkidiki is a lovely place from May to end of summer. If you plan to visit Greece any other time, consider Athens.

For holidays with kids it is better to choose islands such as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos, and the less popular islands of Zakynthos, Alonissos, Chios, Samos. Some Greek islands are focused on specific relaxation types. For example, the island of Santorini might be chosen as a venue for wedding and honeymoon, island of Mykonos is a nice place for nightlife and party lovers.

The Best Time to Visit Greece

Starting from March, Greece is a lovely place. However, you have to adjust holiday duration and the destination point depending on your needs. Thus, if you are looking for a sightseeing tour, the best time is March and April. Expect the water to be chilly at this time. The best time for beach relaxation is May and June because at this time you may enjoy warm water and avoid unbearable heat. I would not recommend visiting Greece in July and August because of high temperature and prices. The only option during this time is Corfu. Temperature there is a bit lower than in other parts of the country due to sea breeze.

If your kids don’t attend classes in early September, these golden days are just perfect for traveling. Prices are dropping at this time while the sea is still warm to swim. This time is suitable for both sightseeing and beach holidays. Summing up, if you want to combine all activities in Greece during your family trip, the best time to go there is either June or September.