Inspiring Travel Movies

Over the past several years of travelling, I have seen a number of inspiring travel movies that made me feel renewed. I watch these movies every time I lack wanderlust in my blood and hope will never get bored of them. Some of these travel movies once opened my eyes to a brand new worlds, expanded my consciousness and inspired me to step outside my comfort zone.

inspiring travel movies

I’m sure these movies will also inspire you, my dear reader. Will expand the boundaries of your mind and give you a lot of helpful information. If the only thing you need to start your solo trip is some “magic kick” then be sure you’re about to get one! Call your friends or a girlfriend to watch these movies together. You will not regret the time spent. However, after watching be sure to attend a real trip because none of these movies able to convey the excitement of the road you can get on your own. So let’s start!


This is one of my favorite movies about traveling. The story is based on real events, about a guy that after graduating from university decides to give all his savings to charity fund and leave for Alaska to survive in the wild. Quite extraordinary, right?

This movie represents the idea that every single trip has both positive and negative sides, as an inherent part of everything that happens to us every day. Moreover, this film takes a viewer to different places on the planet and shows how rich and beautiful the world around us is. And, the most important thing is that the film makes you wonder who you really are, gives chance to rethink values of the world.


I recommend this movie to all mountains fans and to those who are familiar with the Tibet history. The film is set in 1939. Austrian climber, driven by vanity, departs to conquer the Himalayan peaks in the name of the Third Reich. After being caught and set in a prison, he escapes with his friend to infiltrate the closed city of Lhasa, where he met the Dalai Lama at a critical moment for the country. So begins a new life of two fugitives. In a foreign land, among strangers, two men gradually change their egoistic perception of the world, rethink their past and find the path of enlightenment. I believe these vital lessons are worth starting traveling.


A staggering movie, one of the best that I have seen lately. The film is about our common home – Earth. Gorgeous aerial videos along with music and plot get along together with the fact that people unconsciously destroying the planet. There is nothing new about it, but the beauty of life and death got from bird’s eye view touching the depths of the soul so that it is hard to stay indifferent.

4. 127 HOURS

A thrilling drama about guy Aaron decided to sacrifice his job and salary in order to satisfy his passion for wildlife and mountains. He sets himself an unprecedented goal, but one day when he was riding a bike in a narrow gorge, a boulder pinned him to the wall to spend the next 127 hours.

A man balancing between life and death, suddenly realized that his life is incomplete without near relations. This film will make you consider the idea of solitude and re-evaluate things you have.


“The Motorcycle Diaries” is a story about Che Guevara’s life prior to becoming a major political figure. This story is about a young student who has lived and thought little about the political situation in his country. Going on a trip with his friend Alberto, he did not even imagine how grossly his life was about to change.

The film is worth seeing as it was filmed on basis of Che Guevara’s diary. Traveling is a part of life that is not only of great pleasure but also give you an opportunity to make the world better.


Connor Lane gives up his daily routine and unexpectedly gets involved in an adventure that promises new opportunities and possible troubles. Once found himself among strangers, he obtained a new family, but can’t imagine his life without new discoveries. That appears to be even stronger feeling than love recently obtained.


A romantic comedy about the interpersonal relationship of people from different countries. The story is about an unexpected change in the life of an ordinary manager named Todd. Todd’s unremarkable lifestyle is getting crushed after his boss’s message that his new workplace is about to relocate to a distant Bombay in India. Todd leaves for a strange and incomprehensible world where he starts a new life.

The film is intended to show how dramatic changes in life that at first glance may seem unfortunate, can radically change the course of life and bring new opportunities.


The three brothers living in India have lost touch with each other after the death of their father. They haven’t seen each other for a year but met on the way to their mother living in a monastery. A lot of funny situations happen to them on the road. India is not like any other country, so watching this film brings you many soulful moments. But beware of desperate travelers adventures that may result in a strong desire to visit India.


A documentary that follows a group of friends on their adventure as they travel to Patagonia in the spirit of their heroes. They pack their surfboards and climbing gear as they sail and drive along the South American coast, learning about the losing battle against industrialization and the destruction of the natural world. Modern commercial interests fed by the growing human consumption of disposable goods are ruining our planet, and the film shows what some brave people are doing to stop it. The movie’s beautiful scenery and fantastic soundtrack mix together with a strong message and travel adventure to create a true work of art.


Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a tale of two friends who take a vacation to Barcelona, where they meet a mysterious painter, Juan Antonio, who asks them to spend summer with him. Vicky is more reserved of the two, engaged to be married, while Cristina is more of a free spirit. The relationship between the three is sexually charged, and drama ensues. Things only get more complicated when Juan’s mentally disturbed ex-wife shows up. The film is quite entertaining and is set in the beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of Spain. I especially enjoy it because it shows how traveling can open you up to new experiences. You discover what you’re really made of on the road.