How To Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating Your Dream Voyage

Is there a place on Earth, which you would like to visit? Surely there is. Or while watching travel movies or reading travel blogs, did you ever imagine to see these distant places with your own eyes?

Have you ever considered the possibility of making your dreams come true? Your dreams about traveling are not just a fantasy. They are what will happen in future.

I was traveling around the world for the last eight years and reconsidered lots of significant issues. Within these years I have been working hard to transform myself into a man who is constantly discovering new matters, exploring places I have never been to. I met different people on the road, some of them were friendly, some are just ordinary people making both ends meet. And sometimes I asked them one simple question:”What fear stops you from traveling”? There is a bunch of possible answers, but they all lead to the same things.

What Do People Usually Say To Justify Travel Refusal:

  • I haven’t got enough money.
  • I don’t have time for travel.
  • I have too much work to do.
  • It’s too complicated for me.
  • My wife doesn’t want me to go.

What do they usually say to justify travel refusal

I would recommend that you write down your own list of excuses. And consider it as a fiction. When you come up with these excuses and treat them as if they are real, you are using the power of imagination against yourself.

You can’t travel because of the children? Most people have children, but they don’t stop them from traveling. Ask your friends, you would surely find a person willing to look after your children while you are away. On the other hand, you shouldn’t discard the opportunity to show your children the world.

Or you avoid travel because of lack of money? Money is an important component of a successful trip. If your desire of traveling is strong enough, you would be able to find the money for implementing it. But more likely, the amount of money required for and during the trip appears to be much lower than it was expected. In fact, a strong desire for traveling is a great motivation to earn more money.

You can’t travel because of lack of time? You have exactly the same amount of time as any other person. It makes no sense talking about the lack of time. Travelers are the people who set their priority in an appropriate manner. Stop wasting time on something that you aren’t interested in, so you would find plenty of free time to travel.

Can’t travel because of overwork? Let’s face it, you have to work only for yourself. Frequent travels require flexible disposal of working hours. The truth is that you’re able to do it right now. The scenario of immediate ticket purchasing and going on the trip is too good to be abandoned. If your current relationship with the employer stops you from doing it, revise it. There are many ways to work remotely. By leaving everything as it is, there is a great possibility of never achieving the desired freedom, so your dream might stay just a dream.


Improve your confidence level

Once set, stick to your goals strictly. Mark your destination point with a pin and don’t remove it until you visit this place. Don’t consider any other destinations. Throw away any doubts. Let the selected destination be your only aim. Don’t postpone preparation until vacation.

You are the only one who manages your plans. If you really want to visit your dream destination, there is no force that can stop you from doing that. Take a break to immerse yourself in your dream. From that moment this is not just a fantasy. It became material to build your new reality. Soon enough your dream will take shape and you find yourself on the road.

To make traveling an integral part of your life try to restructure it so it corresponds to a traveler’s lifestyle. I have changed my life to be able to travel a lot. It didn’t happen accidentally. It wasn’t a gift of fate or just luck. I came to the decision to make several deliberate steps to create a lifestyle of traveler. It all began with an understanding that there are no obstacles that could stop me from achieving this goal.


Be prepared for the reaction of others

Define the destination or country that inspires you. Don’t be concerned about the lack of understanding from others. This is your desire. Nobody is obliged to share it with you. If people react negatively to your choice, don’t give up your decision.

When you are totally engrossed with the idea of a trip, and it really grabs you, try to share your emotions with others. Try to find like-minded people and common topics to discuss. By doing so you attract new people into your life who have a similar point of view.

If you want to travel more, but your lifestyle doesn’t allow to do so, you have to carry out some work to transform your life. However, if you tend to use lifestyle as an excuse for not going that is truly bad practice. When you make a choice, it leads you to the point where you are now so you’re resulting the effects of that choice.


How to find money for travelling

Lack of money is the most common reason for abandoning travel. Surely free travel is a dream of any backpacker. In fact, it is quite a rare thing. But only while hitchhiking or bike travel with a tent and sleeping bags. Reducing trip expenses is easier than it might first appear, a great tip here is to spend less for the future trips. Search for cheap flights and the best hotel deals, stay with people who are ready to accommodate budget traveler. Prefer street food to the one from hotels while in South East Asia, reduce unnecessary purchases.

Locate budget routes. Expand your travel routes within your home country and choose less expensive destinations to start with. Perhaps you would have to postpone your world tour for some time in order to start from budget destinations. Mind that there are a lot of interesting things to do and to see within your home state.

An essential component to increase earnings for travels is the motivation to do so. Pick your destination point and think constantly about it, this is the best motivation to increase income. If your desire of making more money and traveling is sincere, it would do just the right thing.

Let your travel goals motivate you to earn more. This motivation is much stronger than an ordinary wish of having more money in a bank account. It is desirable to convert willingness to visit more countries and get more experience into a willingness to earn more.

The obvious thing is when you have money, travels become much easier. Money makes buying plane tickets or booking a hotel room a lot easier. But it is possible to travel with little money, just use the budget traveler tools.

In order to achieve the issues above, remember of an unfailing remedy called information. Search for any information you can get, consult the relevant communities, don’t hesitate to ask experienced travelers. Make up your hostel-contact-list in order to gather phone numbers of people who might help you in case of emergency or just ready to give shelter for a night. The primary goal is to make a first step.