How to Buy Good Travel Insurance


A lot of people often doubt the necessity of travel insurance. And it is natural. No one likes to pay for something that is not likely to come in handy. However, there are situations when injuries or chronic diseases require ambulance services. In addition to medical support travel insurance would be indispensable when not only your health is under threat, but your private property or even an entire vacation. Many travel insurance companies offer an early return option in case of emergency. The cost of insurance is not that high, so these few dollars per day may save your health and even life.


Travel insurance is one the important steps to an awesome trip, that is why reliable insurance company really matters. To choose a decent travel insurance plan take into account travel time, a number of people, destination, and type of vacation. Travel insurance is something you need in case of emergency. Going on a trip you never know what might happen and when you might need help. My friend did not know that his Finland trip would last a week longer due to emergency surgery for appendicitis. Thanks to travel insurance coverage there were no problems with the treatment and monetary compensation.


I recently returned from my Vietnam trip and the insurance coverage cost me 3,5 USD per day. Given that my home insurance doesn’t cover traveling abroad, it was quite a deal taking into account the tropical Vietnam climate. Anything could happen on the road starting from bag loss or flight cancellation to robbery. Travel insurance has you covered.


How to Buy Good Travel Insurance



The first thing you should pay attention to is a high coverage limit of your medical expenses. A good insurance company will provide from 50000 USD to 100000 USD coverage. Note that the higher coverage limit is, the more certain guarantee you get that you wouldn’t have to pay the medical bills out of your own pocket. So do not skimp on your health insurance, pick the right plan to get an awesome trip.


If you are going to do active sports or just go camping, then you should consider the possibility of an emergency evacuation. The standard coverage plan may not include this option, so it’s worth to consider obtaining in advance. Usually, this protection should cover an expense up to 300000 USD. Besides, coverage also should include transportation from the hospital to your home country. Standard emergency evacuation usually provides this item, but it’s important you double-check your contract for cost coverage of your flight back home if you need it.


Along with your health, you can sign up for your electronic devices insurance. Many companies offer plans up to 500 USD but this limit can be extended. Prices depend directly on the country you plan to visit. Since the insurance of electronic devices doesn’t require the involvement of medical personnel, you can consider coverage plans of companies from your home country.



  • Injuries and sudden illnesses
  • Worldwide support, 24-hour emergency services
  • Cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions
  • Cover flight cancellation, hotel bookings and any other booking in case of emergency
  • Some coverage of electronic devices


If you do sports company may ask for an extra payment or even reject coverage in case you haven’t indicated you were intended to engage it (always indicate all active sports). Policies do not normally cover alcohol and drug-related incidents, carelessness in handling luggage. Preexisted diseases that visualize itself during the journey won’t be covered. Thus, travel insurance covers you only in the case of emergency, in case of an immediate threat to life or severe need of quickly transfer to a medical facility.



If you make a claim, keep in mind that any travel insurance company will try to avoid paying out as much as they can. Be prepared for refusal under any excuse. In order to ensure that you do get paid your claim, make sure you have your doctor’s opinions (if you have it), insurance contract, and other documentation – all of it will help make your claim go through a lot quicker.


There are several types of insurance. You can purchase a standard coverage and expand it at the expense of, for example, emergency dental services. The insurance plan should include provisions starting from services list with the possibility of a third person visiting.


What is really important is the name of the travel insurance company. If you are planning your trip through a travel agency, specify the insurance company they are working with, and how reliable it is. Check the dates of arrival and departure. And make sure you have your insurance before starting the trip.


By acquiring your travel insurance online you save a lot of time. When you purchase an insurance you get a unique number. The further process goes without a hitch. You may type all the necessary parameters about the trip – a number of people, destination, and the trip duration. During next step, the program will show you the most preferred options and the best prices in various companies. All you need is to choose the best offer. One of these sites is World Nomads.


World nomads


As I said previously coverage price depends on the duration of your staying in certain countries. If you are traveling to European countries, and non-American resident the insurance should cover the amount of 33000 USD. Even though Europe is a safe part of the world, I would recommend expanding the coverage to 100000 USD. There is also a scale-up factor. For example, if you are a retiree, coverage would cost you more. Coverage price also depends on the purpose of your trip.


Thus, insurance is designed not only to guarantee our own safety but also to ensure your trip goes well. Consider whether it’s worth saving a few hundred dollars to pay thousands later. Find an insurance company that suits your needs best and be confident while staying on the road.


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