How To Choose The Next Travel Destination

With so many countries out there, choosing the next travel destination can be quite a daunting task. When I depart on my next trip I have to prioritize which country or city to visit. I have noticed that being flexible with the dates and schedule is a great thing and always pays off. The world is big so it is just impossible to see everything. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, choosing the next travel destination mostly depends on the budget, travel style, places you want to see and, of course, time. Here are some factors I usually take into account and that eventually help me to determine how to choose the next travel destination.


how to choose the next travel destination

How to choose the next travel destination


Choose the Best Time to Go

If you can choose the dates of your trip, you’re the lucky one! Travelling during the peak season means you have to spend tons of money on flights, accommodation, and activities. On the other hand, low season is the time when prices go down and there is usually a chance of picking months with good weather.


Goa resorts, for instance, are filled with tourists from December to March, since they are escaping the winter in Europe. So if you decide to visit Goa during the monsoon season from mid-June to October, you can get great accommodation deals and visit the festival of Sao-Joao.


Do you prefer summer over winter?


I definitely love summer but shoulder season is my favorite time when talking about traveling in Europe. When summer ends you can experience more cultural events like Oktoberfest or the Barcelona International Jazz Festival. The time between peak and low seasons is an option for long-term travelers to save money and take a dip into the foreign culture.


You can also take an advantage of traveling only in regions with a tropical climate since there is no need for excessive clothing and equipment. That can come in handy when you explore new places in a group.


With fewer clothes to wear you can pack lighter, forget about heavy, warm jackets that are a necessity in the northern countries but become a burden in the South. Hot weather may cause some inconvenience, but sunscreen and panama don’t take much space in a backpack and don’t increase its weight.


Consider Visiting New Destinations


Consider Visiting New Destinations

Discovering something new is always on my list. At the same time, there are way too many places I’d like to visit in countries I’ve already visited. My dilemma in a nutshell.


Since it is all about prioritizing, I do my best to see and do things I have never done before. Stay in a different hotel, eat in a different restaurant, hike a different trail. The main thing is to be totally honest with yourself to do what you like.


13 Hacks For Saving Money While Traveling


While there is a seemingly endless list of destinations I’d like to visit, I prefer narrowing it down by knowing exactly what to expect from the place.


Travel Budget


Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting Beijing


Travel Budget

Let’s face it – money is the most important provision, which includes the cost of accommodation, getting there, activities and sometimes visas. Cheap travel destination eventually means more money and staying longer on the road. Check the currency exchange rates to pick the countries where the Euro goes farther. German citizens have an enormous advantage. With the most powerful passports, we can travel to more than 170 countries visa-free.


If you (like me) fond of hiking and exploring nature, Europe has a wide array of sites to visit, so it can be wise not to leave it at all. That being said, there are a number of low-cost airlines to travel across Europe. Choosing the next travel destination is much easier when you know you can get there on the cheap.


Planning Vs Spontaneity

Sometimes it is difficult to plan everything ahead, but even if your travel itinerary is clearly laid out, chances are that you might want to change something or give up the original plan in favor of other places. I found careful planning to be a useful skill, but the best and most memorable moments happen when they are spontaneous.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with changing plans during the trip. I know a lot of last-minute travelers out there who only take into account the price of the ticket and their willingness to go. Of course, this approach isn’t suitable for everyone, and will likely deprive organized people of pleasures of engagement and careful planning.


How Can I Afford to Travel


Consider choosing DEAL destinations. Every time you visit sites like Skyscanner or Airfarewatchdog and see hot flight deals take advantage of low prices to reach the destination. Use the airfare sales as a tool for determining your next location.


Staying flexible with my travel plans is something that gives me confidence. Plan everything the way you want, but be ready to change your plan at any moment. While on the road you will come across places you’d like to linger at as well as places that are much less pleasant. Some places can be more expensive than you initially planned while other places can actually be much cheaper. The weather may affect flights and bring some uncertainty as well. Thus, establishing a good balance between careful planning and spontaneity is well worth an effort.


By mapping out every step and further firm adherence to it may limit your travel experience and create unnecessary difficulties. I’m not a big fan of every step planning and sometimes love spontaneous decisions, getting out of the box and going with the flow. The great thing here is to mix these approaches to create a balance between careful planning and spontaneous decisions.


Choose the Best Time to Go


Short-Term Travel Vs Long-term

Depending on your interests, amount of time and budget you may travel long-term or short-term. If you only have one or two weeks for a trip, it is wiser to visit one destination (two at most). I consider rushing around, trying to see as much as possible a bad practice. Sticking to one place during short-term trip allows you to avoid stress and feeling exhausted.


Traveling long-term, or from four to nine weeks, generally implies more options. When I go on a long-term trip I carefully read the reviews on the countries I’m going to visit. Some of them may drive you crazy with their insane traffic, beggars, and dirty streets. Visiting such countries can be frustrating and exhausting, so it is more convenient to start and end the trip in a place you already know. The process of exploring goes smoothly when you relaxed.


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Another trap that is a travel burnout. This is a feeling of discomfort during the long stay in a new and unfamiliar place. The most common reason for this is tiredness from doing the same things over and over again, meeting new people and adapting to local cultures.


By the end of the trip, you might feel exhausted, dreaming of returning home and your everyday life. Finding yourself in a hectic place is unlikely to be appreciated by your tired body. I recommend visiting hectic places in the beginning or in the middle of your long-term trip.


Getting A Visa

Not all countries are created equal and a lot of people weren’t fortunate enough to be born in the US, New Zealand, EU, Canada or Australia to travel the world without a visa. They still need not only a valid passport but a visa to visit any particular country.


The necessity of getting visa usually complicates travel planning. In some cases, you may need to contact the consulate long before the visit, apply for a visa, pay the visa fee, which can range from small amounts up to surprisingly large ones, provide two or three photos of the required size, and then wait for a response. Other countries will only require a visa on arrival. The thing is, you have to spend some time and do a research on which country would require a visa and how what it takes to get it.


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These regulations are common in most countries. The thing I check before choosing the next travel destination is whether the country requires a visa and tick off the list the ones that have their visas too expensive or the application procedure too complicated. Transiting through the airport usually doesn’t require getting a visa.


How to choose the next travel destination. Checklist:

These provisions are here to help you with choosing the next travel destination and make your life easier:


– Staying flexible with your dates allows you to save money on flights, accommodation, and activities;
– Keep in mind advantages and disadvantages of the seasons so to benefit from them;
– Rainy season isn’t always a bad option when visiting tropical countries;
– Planning and spontaneity are in fact the two sides of the same coin. Create a balance between them to get the most out of your trip;
– Make up a list of countries that require a visa. Get a proper information on how to get a visa in case you need it;
– Define you travel style;
– Create a plan to avoid travel burnout and variety of options to choose from;




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    2017-12-18 at 12:02 am
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