Get Some Coffee in Seattle

10 Cheap Destinations to Travel in the United States

The United States isn't among most popular backpacking and cheap destinations in the world. It may lack some low-end fancy hostels, convenient transportation between the States and extensive bus network. Typically, outside major cities, you end up staying at roadside motels and hotels that are...

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what to put in the backpack

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

I remember myself several years ago scratching my head and trying to figure out what should I drag into my backpack, how should I do it and – an essential thing - how to choose a backpack?! I can’t believe it was actually me! It...

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how to save money while traveling

13 Hacks For Saving Money On The Road

Saving money is an integral part of backpacking. This will not just enable you to have a long trip but will also help you indulge in an activity that you planned on. Transportation accounts for a majority of the price tag. Making small adjustments can...

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playa de aro

Nine Family-Friendly Resorts in Spain

  Spain is a country of stunning beaches. Fortunately, there is a chance for families to combine better value-for-money options with great laid-back vacationing. Spain is a destination that provides a full pack of entertainment and activities for kids, sandy and pebble beaches for their parents....

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El Nido Travel Guide

  As I have already visited Indonesia several years ago and strived to get as much out of South-East Asia as possible, I found myself sitting on a window seat, on my way to one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines. Despite being aboard...

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