long term travel

5 Accommodation Options for Long-Term Travel

With so many things to keep in mind while planning a long-term trip, accommodation is simultaneously the most important and money-consuming thing to research. Since I travel frequently I know what to expect from different accommodation types and the average price I should pay for it. I...

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longtail boats

Top 12 Things To See and Do in Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a convenient place to stay for a sightseeing since you can easily reach all main attractions of Krabi province from there. Ao Nang has an abundant accommodation and well-known tourism infrastructure facilities with lots of cozy restaurants to visit in comparison with...

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how to save money while traveling

12 Tips for Saving Money On the Road

Philosophically speaking, traveling is a process of finding yourself through exploring new places, meeting people, and culture. Hitting the road several years ago allowed me to open up my mind and see things from a bit different perspectives, learn things that were unknown to me....

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