Things to know know before moving abroad

I Want to Move Abroad. Where Do I Start?

Whether you're moving to South Korea to teach English for six months or working in Singapore indefinitely, you can streamline the entire process with this post. I regularly get asked how did I get a job abroad? How much money do I need to move...

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Prepare For Culture Shock

Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting Beijing

After having spent almost a year as an expatriate in China, I’ve learned a few important lessons. Beijing is home to over 21 million people and it can be overwhelming on arrival: confusing Chinese characters everywhere, severe traffic congestion, fast-paced daily life and lots of...

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3 Days In Shanghai

3 Days In Shanghai: The Perfect Itinerary

Shanghai is a sprawling cosmopolitan city. From the famous high rise office buildings in Pudong to the villa-lined neighborhood of the former French Concession, it is impossible for the city to leave you untouched. Do you only have 3 days in Shanghai? Are you overwhelmed...

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dances in Shenzhen

How to Deal With Travel Envy

Nobody's perfect. Even me (or especially me). We all have our flaws and having these imperfections is absolutely normal. But often times when you passively scroll through social media in the morning, you can see smiling faces of people having a cool and seemingly interesting...

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Why you Should Travel Solo

The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel

Traveling alone is one of the most character-building and rewarding experiences you can have, and I firmly believe that every traveller should try it at some point in their life. But like every part of life has its positives as well as its negatives, ups,...

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