Asia Travel Guide

Asia Travel Guide

East and Southeast Asia are the largest parts of the Asian continent, which include the territory of China, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and others. The combination of monsoon, temperate and subtropical climate determines the unique composition of flora and fauna of South East Asia.

Activities in East and South East Asia are really popular nowadays. Urban travelers would find curious to visit the Chinese capital of Beijing and the biggest cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as the capital city of Thailand Bangkok. Those who dream of beach holiday, should consider visiting the Chinese resort island of Hainan and surely well-known resorts of Thailand and Vietnam. Travel to Taiwan is the best way to get acquainted with traditional Chinese culture. Unlike mainland China a lot of temples and monuments stayed untouched there, the rhythm of life in Taiwan is also differs. A trip to Japan is an exciting venture as this country’s culture is not like any other. Staying in the capital city of Tokyo leaves the feeling of traveling in the future.

Thailand is the most popular travel destination in South East Asia. All kinds of activities are dedicated to attracting even more travelers. Martial arts, religious festivals, next door massages and delicious Thai food, entertainment is the major source of travel industry revenue here. There are more than 400 temples and pagodas in Thailand that can be visited. Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui beach resorts brings millions of dollars income to the country each year. Nightlife in Bangkok and on beach resorts is rich and colourful. The second popular heritage city of Ayutthaya is a historical park now, as well as many other objects in country that are under the protection of UNESCO.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and the world’s fourth-most-populous country. Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan are well-known for picturesque beaches, modern spas, infinitely various flora and fauna, breathtaking hiking trails and fantastic dive sites.

The city-state of Singapore attracts travellers with the contrast of charming old colonial buildings and modern look of business centres.


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Accommodation – The type of accommodation depends on where you want to stay and what sort of standards you are pursuing. You can easily find room for $7-15 USD per night in Thailand. It will be cheaper to find one in Laos and Cambodia – around $4-8 USD. Keep in mind one thing – it’s always cheaper to find accommodation with locals as world hotel chains have much higher prices.

Food – There is no chance of starving in South East Asia. The food is really cheap in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. If you prefer local food it would allow you to save a few extra dollars a day. If you can’t give up familiar dishes be ready to pay up to $25 USD per meal. Alcohol is also cheap and around $1-2 USD for “Singha” beer and $6-7 USD for rum or whiskey.

Transportation – Asia is well-known for its crazy drivers. Also, known as tuk-tuk taxi or auto rickshaw it would get you anywhere within your city for $1-3 USD. If you stay in Thailand for prolonged time it may be wise to rent a motorcycle for $110-180 USD per month or a car for $400-600 USD per month.

Entertainment – Entertainment price depends on the place where you stayed. In general, day tours are around $15-25 USD. In case you want active sports you can rent hydrocycle for $15 USD for a 30 minutes ride or relax at body massage for $50 USD. Visiting ancient Angkor Wat temple would reduce your budget in $20 USD for one-day pass and $40 USD for 3-days pass.

9 Ways To Save Money In Thailand

Ride According To Counter

If you plan to use taxi service in Thailand, always ride according to counter. The price you get in the end would be much lower than the fixed price named at the beginning. Surely, drivers know that trick and usually refuse to drive according to counter, especially in popular resort towns. But where it is possible you may save significantly. In case you travel alone, it would be more profitable to use moto taxi.

Eat At The Restaurants For Locals

To save a decent amount on food, eat away from main tourist trails. Usually, such eateries aren’t noticeable, without any signs outside, they don’t have menus in English. But it doesn’t mean the food is bad. On the contrary, usually the food is fresh and tasty. At a low price. But there is one moment, the food is really spicy in such eateries. Keep that in mind.

If you want to save money and avoid spicy food, then consider buying cooked food in the street. You can find street foods trolleys almost everywhere in Thailand.

Purachase Tours In The Street

If you want to save extra money give up buying tours at your hotel or travel agent. Prefer local ones. It is a common situation when western travel agency acts as a mediator between you and the local travel agency. There are a lot of English-speaking guides in Thailand. So for less money you get the same quality.

Buy water at vending machines

During your stay in Thailand you have to waste money buying bottled water. In tropical climate, it is a must that you drink at least 2 litres of pure water a day. But the prices are high for bottled water – around 15-20 THB for a bottle of 1.5 litres or 35-40 THB per 5 litres bottle. Locals avoid bottled water in favour of vending machines. The prices there are just 1 THB for 1 litre, 4-5 THB for 5 litres, 16-20 THB for 20 litres. Get profit!

You Should Not Pay Extra Money On The Beach

All beaches in Thailand are free. The only exception are private hotel beaches. If you visit public beach the only thing you might be asked to pay for is loungers that belong to local cafes. Nobody has the right to expel you from beach for just lying on a towel. However, situations when travellers are cheated take place. That is illegal.

Market Bargain

Prices for travellers on the markets are overstated. Always bargain while shopping.

How To Save Money When Calling Overseas

Use local SIM card. To get one and to replenish account, visit stores like 7-Eleven or Family mart.

Thai medicine is cheaper away from hiking trails

Keep away from pharmacies that are located near popular central streets crowded with tourists. If you would like to buy shampoo, cream or drugs ask locals where they buy this stuff. You may save greatly by doing so.

Withdraw large sum of money at a time

ATMs in Thailand charge a fee for cash withdrawals in the amount of 200 THB no matter the amount of withdrawal. So it is better to withdraw large sums of money to reduce the fee. AEON bank have started charging their fee too. ATMs are located in major shopping malls and resort towns. You can avoid paying a 200 THB fee by withdrawing money dirctly from any of Bangkok Bank bank offices. But be ready to provide passport for that purpose.