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  • Feature articles providing inspiration and tips on things to do for a wide variety of destinations.
  • Thoughts from my own personal travel experiences.
  • Practical travel advice and money-saving travel tips.
  • Reviews of flights, accommodation, tours and travel gear.
  • Blogging tips and technical advice for new travel bloggers.
  • Simple travel guides to worldwide destinations.
  • A mixture of photography, videos, and written content.


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Creating a partnership with Mind The Travel will allow you to target my expanding audience of travel-lovers. Readers have a wide range of interests but on the whole, they rely on me to provide honest travel advice that cuts to the chase.

  • I am open to working with tourism boards, PR agencies and travel companies to promote specific destinations.
  • I can offer reviews of accommodation, tours, activities, airlines, gear and other travel products.
  • I am interested in developing new and exciting ideas to bring a unique and refreshing approach to promoting travel destinations.

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